Recently it was just the period of continuous public holidays in Australia: April 22 for Good Friday, April 23 for Easter Saturday, April 24 for Easter Sunday, April 25 for ANZAC Day and April 26 for Easter Monday. You could see many typical goods and representatives everywhere for example Easter eggs, hot cross buns and bunny ears.

Actually after I had tried a hot cross bun, I would never try it again because the smell of cinnamon.

IMG_9353.JPG Hot_cross_buns.jpg IMG_9333.JPG   

Today was ANZAC Day and there would be an ANZAC Day march held in the Brisbane city. The march commenced in George Street, turning right into Adelaide Street, past the saluting Dias in King George Square, turning right into Creek Street and right again into Queen Street. But what was ANZAC? What did ANZAC Day mean? ANZAC was the abbreviation of Australia and New Zealand Army Corps. During First World War, the ANZAC followed its motherland, England, to land at Gallipoli Peninsula and fight with Turkish military so ANZAC was well-known for that battle and ANZAC Day was commemorated for all the sacrificed soldiers. 

There were many broadcasts for this march.

P1080787.JPG  P1080788.JPG


All paraders would salute the lady.


The soldiers with orderly steps.

P1080830.JPG  P1080829.JPG


The representatives of New Zealand.

P1080803.JPG  P1080804.JPG

All kinds of troops with different flags.

P1080814.JPG  P1080815.JPG  P1080816.JPG  P1080820.JPG  

Even the horses, dogs and sheep stepped onto the street.

P1080826.JPG  P1080827.JPG

P1080840.JPG  P1080843.JPG

Not only did soldiers but also bands participate in this march.

P1080796.JPG  P1080797.JPG

P1080846.JPG  P1080848.JPG


Look at these folks performing bagpipes with ballooned cheeks and red faces.


And there were so many bands performing marches.

P1080821.JPG  P1080823.JPG

P1080860.JPG  P1080861.JPG

P1080872.JPG  P1080874.JPG

That really made me think of the life in my senior high school, HSNU. I had ever joined a band in my junior high school before entering HSNU. One day when I passed through the anteroom in my senior high school, a teacher called me and I stopped. Wow! She was the instructor of the band of my junior high school. Certainly I joined a band again. In my freshman and sophomore years, I practiced and practiced everyday to enhance my performing skill. I liked to sit alone in the auditorium to listen to the sound sent out by my musical instrument, Baritone. I also missed these days whenever my team members and I practiced hard to gain great achievements in many contests. Even sometimes I still whistled those songs we had ever practiced unconsciously.

P1080864.JPG  P1080865.JPG

It was the show time of Vietnam.

P1080889.JPG  P1080891.JPG


Thanks for you or your ancestors' sacrifices.

P1080852.JPG  P1080853.JPG

P1080896.JPG  P1080897.JPG  P1080898.JPG  P1080899.JPG  

The front of King Georage Square station was full of people watching this march.



When ANZAC Day march ended up, we started walking to South Bank Parklands situated on the South side of the Brisbane River where families, friends and couples come to reconnect, to gather for BBQ or picnics, or to swim in Australia’s only inner city beach.

On our way, we saw an aboriginal performing a musical instrument called didgeridoo on the street.

P1080908.JPG  P1080909.JPG

I stood in front of the Conrad Treasury Casino.

P1080911.JPG  P1080913.JPG

The Victoria Bridge connected the Brisbane city and South Bank.


The CityCat ferry navigated on Brisbane River.


The view of South Bank Parkland from Victoria Bridge.


The city views from Parklands.



We were here - South Bank Parklands.


Slow life step but quick rotational speed.


These laterns were hung for the upcoming Buddha Birth Day.


The SUNCORP Piazza.


There were many ibises here.

P1080943.JPG  P1080946.JPG  P1090008.JPG  

Many people had picnics here including us. See my jumbo sandwich!!

P1080950.JPG  P1080951.JPG

It's pink!!


What a big bed!!


The city beach.

P1080967.JPG  P1080968.JPG

A fountain.

P1080970.JPG  P1080972.JPG

There were also many artificial streams.

P1080974.JPG  P1080976.JPG

There were still many places under construction due to the flood a few months ago.


It was Queensland Maritime Museum.


P1080983.JPG  P1080984.JPG

A small Memorial Park.

P1080985.JPG  P1080986.JPG

Some street performers.

P1080987.JPG  P1090010.JPG

There were many amusement equipments. The silde was different from Taiwan's.

P1080990.JPG  P1080991.JPG  P1080992.JPG

Let's take a deep breath and enjoy a sunbath.


P1080993.JPG  P1090005.JPG


Although Brisbane had suffered from the flood a few months ago, there were many places repaired already. Hope that South Bank Parkland could be recovered to the original charming appearance soon.


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