One week ago, I quitted from the company where I have served for military service for more than 4 years. I didn’t prepare too much for this Working Holiday of Australia but only apply for Visa and buy two round trip tickets, one for me and the other for my wife. I remember when I talked to my wife that I want to go Working Holiday last year, she didn’t seem to believe me but just considered I was joking. Afterward, every day I talked to her that it would be very interesting and meaningful if we went to Australia. Not only could we experience the different life but also expand our world view. Finally she accepted my decision and became more excited than me.


There are so many targets we want to meet for this journeyspeaking fluent English, making many friends all over the world, making progress on our cooking skill, travelling all Australia, making enough money for Europe travelling after WH in AU and the most important is having a lot of fun for our honeymoon here. Let’s see how many goals we could achieve in half or one year later.



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Love Story

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